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Welcome to the home of Gina CMS.


This website began on September of 2011, following along the same paths that I am undertaking now. Back then I was juggling a self employed schedule with all these side projects. Today, I’m retired, and my schedule is beer casual.

We thought of launching Gina CMS with a nice looking mobile friendly theme. Replete with stock images of support people on the phone ready to answer your every question. Fancy verbiage extolling the virtues of our project, the best, the greatest, cutting-edge, tastes like chicken.

Then I snapped out of it, realized all the work ahead, moved the TXP Make website over here, changed some settings, and here I am, working.

txp family

TXPlanet is alive and well, missing the feeds for this blog and TXP Mag. The Planet site is 14 years old, it will continue to do it’s job until it’s left in the dark.

We Love TXP is also kicking and screaming, it wants to continue, not end up in Wet’s darkened cave of TXP sites that will never see the light of day.

The plan for the showcase site is to script the screen grab of a website and feed it the list of live sites over at Builtwith. With learned lessons, automate the submission process for websites found in the wild or at the Showcase your site forum. With automation, the better the chances that WeLoveTXP will continue.

Themes, Tags & Docs

The Themes will be moved to the Docs site, the Template Tags will also be featured there. The documentation site will sport a Bootstrap admin theme, either Inspinia or Homer.

If Inspinia looks familiar, it’s because I used it for a mock admin layout. While I was doing the mock admin, all I kept thinking about were the template tags, and the many ways I could display them using Inspinia.

Building a website requires more than just downloading a Theme, it requires knowledge of the underlying code. By combining Themes, Tags and Docs, I hope to educate the Gina user base in the elegant art of minimalism.

Support Forum

Making FluxBB mobile friendly is the key to the support forum, when it’s finally accomplished, it will launch at No other forum script will do, it’s mobile friendly or we go back to newsgroups.

All kidding aside, a forum is an integral part of a complex website for online businesses and software developers, bringing a forum script closer inline with Gina would only be beneficial.

25 live dynamic sites is the 25th live dynamic site being hosted here. The ease in maintaining a dynamic site for me is just as simple as coding a plan HTML site.

The speed is comparable, either sign on to the backend and make the changes or SFTP down the HTML file, make the changes locally in your preferred text editor, SFTP the file back up. Same shit, different technique, no indentation.

Spit & Polish

Before I embarked on moving all these domains to a dedicated server, I wanted everything to feel right. With the proper redirects in place to ease confusion, and to plan out what’s going where and when.

Now I’m at ease, time to move on, 2021 is going to be most fun.

Against the wind
I’m still runnin’ against the wind
I’m older now but still runnin’ against the wind