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Happy 2021

The first article of the year 2021.


From all of us non-redhaters, we apologize to the Whole Wide World.

Miami Cribs

We’re in the process of acquiring a house, give us some much needed elbow room. Apartment living, though nice views abound, isn’t roomy enough for a collaborative project. Face to face meetings are necessary, but everybody needs their own space to work.

Afternoon beer breaks deserve a backyard also. was born to do a comparison of Textpattern vs. Wordpress. Though at present it’s more of an Apache Bench comparison, I have found the work I was doing and will be putting up a side by side theme comparison. Don’t want to spoil the fun but the TXP theme is way, way lighter than the WP theme.

WTF is right, how did WP get to dominate with such shitty code output?


  1. Get back to biking full time.
  2. Reduce the intake of alcohol, ABB exception.
  3. Quit smoking cigarettes for the 100th time.
  4. Deliver Gina CMS to the masses.

I’d go the whole wide world
Go the whole wide world just to find her
I’d go the whole wide world
Go the whole wide world
To find out where they hide her