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A new top level domain enters the TXP family.


Last year, I began making a Textpattern version of WordPress’s Twenty Fifteen theme. During that process I became amazed, the TXP theme contained much less overall code, but still matched the functionality of the WP theme.

Since then I’ve wanted to do a side by side analysis of the finished TXP theme. Looked around for a domain name to showcase this comparison, never found one that I liked. Today I came upon TXP dot WordPress Twenty Fifteen, hello.


Never, have I seen an in-depth comparison of Textpattern vs. WordPress. There are quite a number of articles comparing the two but nothing goes real deep.

  • Benchmarks – TXP kicks WP’s ass in this category.
  • Themes – The amount of code in a WP theme is too damn high.
  • Plugins – Many WP plugins are clones, a lot of duplication.
  • Hosting – Managed WordPress is the future, costing you more money.
  • Security – I changed my underwear, must be time for another WP release.
  • Timelines – Peel the curtain away from the great and powerful Oz.


Thus the birth of a new domain, to ask the tough questions, like WTF happened to TXP in 2007? Did those in charge of TXP have a crystal ball that gave them a glimpse into the future and it was then decided to not compete with future WP? – tango xray papa dot whiskey tango foxtrot

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