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Hosting WordPress

Why hosting WordPress sucks.

Managed WordPress

Looks like if you want to run a WordPress site in the future, it’s going to cost you more money. On top of the hosting costs, you’re gonna get hit with a managed charge. Managed means that the hosting provider will hold your WordPress hand to make sure the software and it’s plugins are kept up to date.

WordPress the Virus

Many years ago I dubbed WordPress a Virus. Now it seems that my predictions are coming true. The amount of script kiddie traffic, directed at WordPress sites, that a hosting provider has to put up with is getting down right annoying.

If I were a hosting provider, I’d refuse entry to WordPress on my servers, then I’d block any and all “wp-login” and related traffic at the firewall.

Scanning for Viruses

Shared hosting providers have resorted to security scans, probing the innards of client sites to see if a vulnerable WordPress plugin is installed. DreamHost used to send me an email every week, informing me that certain cross-references at PHPCrossRef contained vulnerable code. It wasn’t until I moved to a VPS, from a shared account, that the emails stopped.

25% of the web

WordPress claims to run 25% of the websites worldwide. That’s 25% of the web which is vulnerable, 25% of the web that generates unneeded traffic, 25% of the web that slows down the other 75%.

Out of that 25%, I would say that between 50 to 60% of the WP sites installed should of just been plain HTML sites. You’ve got a ton of single page WordPress sites that serve no dynamic purpose other than to infect the web.

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