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Thirteen, a lucky

This is my 13th day back on the keyboard.

Friday the 13th

It all began so innocently, who would of thunk? 13 days back, and I haven’t slept much, the Fitbit on my wrist can attest to that. I really can’t sleep, I lay down and think of something, jump back up, open the lid on the laptop, make the change, rinse and repeat.

Having Textpattern on the backend makes it so drop dead simple, and super fast to boot. Firefox multi-tabbed spanning the websites I maintain is so enjoyable, I’m so glad I made the decision 15 years ago to go the TXP route.

All caught up

My laptop and web server are all in order, updates up the wazoo, really digging the new look of things. All my sites are now securely on HTTPS and steadily rising back up in the search results, hiccups here and there, but they all got sorted out, Google is your friend, and enemy.

DreamHost upgraded my VPS to Debian “Buster”, so I upgraded my VM to Buster also. My VM, such a joy to have a real Linux environment a mouse click away.

Still running Textpattern 4.6.2, updated DokuWiki to the latest, and running a FluxBB forum somewhere. My biggest gripe, no decent slim downed mobile friendly forum (Rickard, please come back).


The cross references are returning to their prior home at In the coming days, when I find the time or jump out of bed in a sweat, I’ll make the name switch on 2 million+ web pages and sync them back up.

Mobile friendliness by way of Bootstrap is on the todo, going to take advantage of sortable columns, make it a fun site to use. The cross references don’t make much sense on a phone, but a tablet interface might work.

Rapid Site Development

The Under Pressure experience brought with it a new found respect for rapid site development. The two people assisting me in that venture have agreed to join me and start putting up websites, en masse.

How rapid you ask, while my granddaughter was Zooming to school, seated next to me at the dining room table, we put up a website for her. A spur of the moment act, upload a fresh copy of TXP 4.6.2, copy/paste a new Theme into the backend, change verbiage and images, voila!

Welcome to the Internet, a future recruit running the soon to be released 13th TXP Theme, One Page Wonder from Start Bootstrap.

In the time an average person takes to make a Facebook post, the above site went from holding page to live. 131 lines in view source. Fast as sh*t on any device. If that’s not a big elephant sized selling point against WordPress, if that generated code comparison is not splattered on every page we can get our hands on, then I guess your checks are in the mail.

Did I go in the right direction, back in the summer of 2015, by hitching my future to Bootstrap? You bet your ass I did.

In July of 2001, I registered, my very first domain. Went with that name cause my wife was glued to HGTV all the time, and my initials are HCG. Over the years it’s proven to be a readily available user name, hcgtv.

20 years later, the internet gods shined a light on me and awarded us with a new domain name, not just any domain, but the one.

My new home will be at, the property brothers are hard at work.


With quite a bit of sadness in my heart, I bid goodbye to the Textpattern community, I’ll miss you all.

Journeyed from Zem, to Wet, and then to Phil and Stef, damn interesting ride to say the least, but I’m getting off at this exit, thanks for all the fish.



“A rising tide lifts all boats”