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Two Fortnights

Been back now for 4 weeks, feels a lot longer.


Buying up sale items and experimenting with new TLDs, 23 domains were bought up. You know you can form words with some of them? An example, my name is Humberto, when I was a kid they called me

In the last 3 years, a number of new TLDs have popped up, so I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time to Namecheap lately, going into Beast mode and all that. No more fighting over the .com now, a business can keep using their name online, just decide on any of the hundreds of other combinations.

What doing?

Why so many domains you may ask, because now I can decorate them how I want, instead of them sitting there with holding pages for years on end. I’ve let go of many domains in the past because I didn’t have a TXP theme, and I got tired of paying for it. I was also tired of making the default look look different, but it still looked like the default. So much for Themes making cookie cutter TXP websites litter the landscape, we have the defaults doing just fine.

Who is this guy?

That’s a question that keeps popping up in my mind whenever I re-read any blog posts that were posted prior to my vacation. I mean his writings are inspiring me now; yes I agree, whole heartily, put it on the to-do list.

Methodologies I started 5 years ago, allow me to think of a domain name and have it go live with a custom crafted holding page in 30 minutes or less.

A script to do this, cron jobs kicking off over there, it was all running smoothly, it just needed some dusting off. One day I’m going to buy that guy a round of beers, he’s made my return to the office so much easier.

Screw Themes

Yeah, screw them, we don’t need them. What we need are building blocks, an about page, a contact page, an employee page, thumbnails of our properties, you get the idea, I hope. When I was dropping template tags into the Bootstrap themes featured at TXP Themes, it hit me, we need building blocks.

Here’s a contact form ready to go, and it will take on whatever site wide changes you’ve already made because it’s a Bootstrap building block, it will adhere to CSS overrides. Why do I need a whole new Theme, if all I want to do is add a contact form to my existing site?

TXP Legos

Using the familiar Lego metaphor, you can build a whole lot of different things with the same pieces that come in one box. That’s what I’m striving for, alongside Themes, will be TXP Lego pieces to help you build a custom look.

The other day, I broke out the About section in the Agency theme to create a new site for someone, all they wanted was a simple timeline. Populate it with articles, use dates to manipulate the order, works sweet.

Anyone who is or has been a developer, whether on early computers or today’s cloud based systems, has reusable code in their arsenal. Built a website from scratch lately? I never created a new RPG program from scratch after the first week on the job, my library grew from there.

TXP Tag help

The tag builder is ok, never used nor use it now, just an old friend who hangs around. After I created the TXP Tags site, I soon realized that I could view those articles within the admin, read from the tags database, and let Textile have at it.

Let’s say you have a question about the TXP article tag, so you click the tag help menu option under the Presentation drop down menu. You search for the article tag, you get the article I link to above, safely within the admin.

txp:confucius say
Give a man a theme and you feed one site, teach him how to theme and you feed many sites.

Moving eight miles a minute for months at a time
Breaking all of the rules that would bend