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TXP Admin

The TXP administration screens are coming alive.

Screenshots dammit!

The TXP Admin is starting to take shape, born out of the necessity for screen shots to place into the documentation. The docs led me to the admin, it’s how I’ve approached this from the start, I let the flow dictate the next task at hand.

Now why would I put this up on a live site? Simple, TXP CMS is a web app, and will be run in a browser by a typical user in Germany hitting a website on the East Coast of the U.S.A. Why would I want to run and test this locally?

Built by TXPattern

Very few apps can say that it was used to create another of itself. Yet here I am using Textpattern to create the look and feel for TXP CMS, take that WordPress.

The Textpattern admin in multiple tabs, one used to copy into another, cloning at it’s best. The exercise was to see how it would all look, obviously there has to be entry fields, but that comes later when the face is stitched to the head.

Speed by TXParser

When you take the Textpattern admin and lay it out as I’ve done, you come to find that it’s simple.

  • Presentation process can’t be simpler, the amount of code to make a workable theme is minute, and it’s fast.
  • Admin Preferences are not confusing, and don’t really need to be fiddled with after a site has gone live.
  • Content needs a rethinking. Easier access to assets. Say that fast 3 times.

What I delight about the most is the speed at which I can work remotely.

That was my concern, even though I had already ported Bootstrap themes and found them to be quick, this was for an admin-side of a PHP app, which would require more bells and whistles than a regular front-of-site theme.

Discuss was supposed to be a forum, and it still might be, plans are afoot to put FluxBB in the Dashboard. INSPINIA happens to have a forum skin, we have the technology.

A forum would be cool, a place to discuss the admin. I’ve always wanted to marry a forum with a CMS, the holy grail of managing comments via a forum interface. Respond to your readers in a familiar threaded board, your reply displayed as a comment on the front-end.

So much to do, there’s plenty on the farm
I’ll sleep when I’m dead