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What to leave in, what to leave out?

No Comment

Wow, 29 txp:tags dedicated to blog comments, as of 4.8.4.

Nobody in their right mind would turn on commenting, yet it’s on by default.

Commenting is a thing of the past, it is going to be removed.

Form Types

Maintenance of Form Types, no more hard coding.

No more a gazillion default forms and form types polluting the backend.

No mas!

default, archive pages

I have one word to interject into the building of the default theme, if.

There are tons of if statements that can be used to have a 1 page default install. I remember using the defaults at first to create a site, whenever I made changes to default, I had to remember to update the archive page. Then as I used TXP more, I realized you didn’t need 2 pages, and have been using 1 page ever since.

This was a difficult concept to break, why 2 pages I kept asking myself, I still ask this question on a daily basis, I’m still waiting on an answer.

TXP 4.8.4

My hats off to Phil Wareham, the admin backend is coming around nicely, I like the Ctrl-S touch. I use the Hive (neutral) theme on all my sites, the newest one has some nice improvements.

But Phil, it gets spoiled by default behaviors that need to be broken, or else you’re just coding for a few souls.

Bug?: When I installed 4.8.4, the generated config.php was missing the closing ?>, instead it had this line: // For more customization options, please consult config-dist.php file.

Lighten the load

For some reason I end up volunteering for things, it’s my nature I guess.

We Love TXPPeter Moulding and I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the database of dead links, and I applied a nice mobile friendly look to it. All for naught, cause there appears to be a showcase site on the official home page.

  • We Love TXP is looking for a new maintainer, please contact Bert via the support forum email.

TXP Planet will be shutting down this week after 14 years.

TXP Themes will have Rosie adorning the front page for a bit longer.

PHPCrossRef has been shuttered until further notice.

  • Hey, you think if I would of put up a Demo site, I would of gotten a nicely placed button next to the download for TXP 4.8.4?

Just asking for a friend.

What you doing Dude?

Why I’m going into the code base, to see how hard it is to make the changes I have been preaching about for years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and years, and a day.

My starting point will be TXP 4.6.2, I’m not familiar with TXP 4.8.4.

Got Git going locally, say that fast three times ;)

  • TXP 4.6.2 running on PHP 7.4, this is the line you need to change.

Well those drifter’s days are past me now
I’ve got so much more to think about
Deadlines and commitments
What to leave in, what to leave out