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The txp:tag domains were born when I decided to document the elegant template tags of Textpattern CMS. Not that there wasn’t any documentation of the tags existing, I was just looking to create something lighter. After a few weeks of experimenting, I decided on using Textpattern to document itself, Textpattern Template Tags is the finished product.

With the template tags done, I decided on using the other two domains for distributing finished templates. One domain to run Textpattern, this one, to report on new templates and write articles about Textpattern, and the other to run a user support forum.

When Phil Wareham started working on the new Textpattern default template, I knew it would be a great fit for this new template site. This past week the template was finished and shipped off to the core devs, and I finalized the initial content for launch.

We feature Phil’s new h5bp template, for those users wanting to take it for a spin, with more templates coming soon. The plugin that facilitates the quick insertion of templates into your Textpattern backend is hcg_templates, soon to be part of the core.

Part of the core? Yes, it’s about time Textpattern had built in capabilities to handle the juggling of user templates. Aside from the importing and exporting of templates, the backend will play nice when you have multiple templates installed, no more form naming nightmares.

Along with creating new templates and working on the core changes, I also plan on offering a conversion service to prospective users. For a small fee, as yet to be determined, I will convert an existing free XHTML template for you. Stay tuned.