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Under Pressure

This all started on Friday the 13th.

Rey’s Fritas

My youngest son, a friend of his, and I are having lunch at El Rey de las Fritas in Little Havana. When he turns to me and asks me if I could build his friend a website. I decide to take another bite of my frita, and then a swig of Materva to wash down the food and to give myself time to digest what he just asked of me.

But Mike, I say, don’t you know that I’m retired?


Mike explains how his friend Howard, had already invested money in equipment for a mobile car washing business, and that all he needed was a simple site to promote his business. What’s the domain name I ask?

Then something came over us, to this day I say it was the fritas. We all started throwing out names, as I signed on to Namecheap to check on their status.

With a Materva flavored exhale, I suggest Under Pressure, followed quickly with a domain name search. With so many top level domain names available these days, we left the restaurant not knowing which one to pick.

Upon arriving back home, I said call it, and thus UnderPressure.VIP was born.


Slowly, that night I started awakening fingers that had spent the last 3 years swiping left and right. Began by updating my core programs, and then bringing my VM up to speed. Debian went beautifully from Jessie to Stretch and then finally to Buster. There were times in the last 3 years that I thought I had lost it, but it all started to trickle back, like it was hiding out for Friday the 13th.

36 hours

Went to Mike’s house on Wednesday night to meet with Howard, we put up a holding page with agreed upon verbiage to start feeding the spiders.

On Thursday, Mike traveled with Howard taking pictures and emailing me the day’s shots. I began installing Textpattern on the domain and looking for a theme. Last night, at 10:30pm, the decision came down to use Carousel.

By lunch time today, we had massaged the text to our liking and displayed the images that stood out the most. Howard was happy, Mike was thrilled that we helped out his friend, and I was awe-struck.

TXP Themes

What I had started in the summer of 2015, Bootstrap themes programmed to work with Textpattern, had provided us a very rapid development process.

Awe-struck I was, cause I had successfully written my bike again.

My glass is raised to Rosie, for keeping my toes warm during those cold nights, and to my son Mike, for getting me off the couch.

Turned away from it all like a blind man
Sat on a fence but it don’t work