Gina CMS

Gina Content Management System


  • Built with

    There’s always the footer for giving thanks.


  • Fork me on GitHub

    Almost a decade has passed since I came upon Textpattern, this wonderful CMS, such a thrill it’s been to create sites with it.


  • Frameworks

    Continuing my journey down the framework rabbit hole led me to Bootstrap, and their 2 Col Portfolio template, which was perfect for two of my sites.


  • Textpattern Planet

    With Google announcing on April 21, that they were rolling out the mobile-friendly update, I’ve been itching to get all my sites mobile friendly.


  • The We Blog Comment

    Back in 1998, when commenting on blogs started to take off, the web was a different place. Blog comments were friendly, hey I like your site, or super nice pasta recipe. Then the bots started coming around, first they were robotic, programmed, then they were human, paid.


  • What are Packages?

    A Package would start off with a branch of Textpattern, throw a Theme on it, add some Plugins, and make the necessary configuration settings, like adding sections.