Gina CMS

Gina Content Management System


  • Where's Dean?

    My hope is that we either gain ownership of the domains from Dean, or we just register a new set of domain names and put redirects at the old ones.


  • The We Blog Comment

    Back in 1998, when commenting on blogs started to take off, the web was a different place. Blog comments were friendly, hey I like your site, or super nice pasta recipe. Then the bots started coming around, first they were robotic, programmed, then they were human, paid.


  • Themes, Templates, Packages?

    So here we are, looking at Textpattern themes anew, with fresh eyes. Themes are slated to be introduced in the next Textpattern version, the details are still being ironed out.


  • What are Packages?

    A Package would start off with a branch of Textpattern, throw a Theme on it, add some Plugins, and make the necessary configuration settings, like adding sections.


  • Breaking News!

    Themes are soon to be a reality, stay tuned …


  • Textpattern, still my favorite

    On my ninth year of using Textpattern, nothing else appears on the horizon to challenge that.


  • Well, how did I get here?

    Arrived at Textpattern CMS on November 29, 2005, by way of the Nucleus CMS project.